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Redline BMW Performance Inc, started out in 1976 as Redline Imported parts.  As a small 2 man parts store and repair shop, serving British, Japanese and of course German car owners.  Ned Graham and Rennie Bryant were the founders and both were interested in racing. Ned had built and campaigned a Bugeye Sprite since the early 60's.  Rennie had also raced Sprites and was part of a team that also raced Datsun 2000 roadsters and an M3B McLaren among others.  So Naturally Redline Racing was formed.

Racing the Bugeye to 5 regional championships and having 2 rookie of the year drivers made them one of the forces to be reckoned with in S.E. Division Racing.  In 1983 the decision was made to go IMSA racing. A partially completed 2002 GTU car was purchased 4 weeks prior to the inaugural Miami Grand Prix. While not having a spectacular finish, the seed was planted for a better future.  In the next race, the famous 12 hours of Sebring, the team came away with a great finish, 30th overall, 11th in class, completing the entire 12 hours, first time out.

The 2002 served well as a IMSA GTU, and SCCA GT3 car for many years until technology finally caught up with the venerable design.  In 1989 a full tube frame 325 GTU car was constructed for the Redline Racing stable.

During this time Ned's son, Mike, made a brief foray into stock car racing.  A mini stock version of the 2002 was built for competition on the South Florida short track ovals.  Running side by side with Pintos, Vegas, and Toyotas, the BMW made a good showing, winning some heat races and placing high in the features.  Soon, however, the week in week out pounding of the ovals and the constant push and shove of Saturday night under the lights racing took it's toll and the stock car was retired after 3 years.

Meanwhile, the IMSA program was in full swing with the car being updated and refined.  Running the Miami Grand Prix, Sebring, West Palm, and also in Costa Rica.  The best track appearance was in 1990 at the West Palm Beach Grand Prix, finishing 6th in GTU, 1st privateer entry with Mike Graham at the wheel.

Since then, Redline has concentrated on providing the finest street car service available.  In 1991 Redline BMW Performance was formed. The new name showing the dedication to the BMW marquee.  Marc Feinstein joined the team in 1992 as an aspiring driver, technician, and fabricator.  He also brings along a background in Porsche and BMW racing.

Redline now competes in production SCCA racing with Marc and BMW CCA club racing with Rennie driving the "Grassroots MotorSports" 318Ti in stock.